Get Your Vape Eliquids While You Can - Flavor Ban Approved in San Francisco And May Spread!

Last wednesday began the mark of even tougher regulations on the vaping community. On june 6th San Fransisco voted to ban all flavored tobacco products, ranging from those with with colorful packaging to even those with dull packaging but interesting flavors. So far through various articles such as ones being found in NY Times, they are attempting to compare eliquids packaging to that of candy and showing how it may be inticing younger individuals. Now I do agree that NO E-Liquid company should be marketing or even appear to be marketing to minors however what about us grown adults who like our flavored juices. Something like a ban on flavors would turn off a majority of vapers even those using it as a cessasstion device to finally quit smoking.

As for the results of the vote held in San Francisco last wednesday... The ban was approved with 68% in support of the ban to just 32% against it. Eric Lindblom, a Georgetown Law professor and former FDA tobacco official, had this to say, “They had a strategic chance there to show that they are actually walking the walk and talking the talk about moving smokers to nonsmoker tobacco products.” “Instead they took this scorched earth approach, trying to eliminate the entire flavor ban. They failed and now other jurisdictions can say, ‘Why should we compromise?". I agree... Why couldn't we place stricter penalties on underage sale or other things that limit sales to minors only and not affect those looking to quit smoking.

So that you can get a clear picture on how the vaping community is being portrayed I wanted to include this exert from the NY Times article I referenced previously. "Although using electronic cigarettes, or vaping, is touted as a means of smoking cessation, parents, public health advocates and federal regulators have expressed deepening concern as some studies show that the products are gateways to smoking for teenagers. E-cigarettes give users a powerful hit of nicotine, but without the mix of toxins contained in traditional, combustible cigarettes."

I get it parent, the government, and even us Vape Shop owners do not want minors having access to Tobacco Products. However, I feel banning flavors is the complete incorrect approach and will do nothing but push those back onto smoking cigarettes once again. Let me know what you guys think!

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