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Zhang Tianren, The President Of The National People's Congress And The Chairman Of The Tian Energy Group, Will Go To Beijing To Participate In The National Two Meetings
- Feb 28, 2018 -

      A meeting of the thirteen National People's Congress to be held in February 27th, Huzhou held a brief farewell meeting, Zhang Tianren, Sun Guowen, Qian hung, Pan Meier 4 National People's Congress of Huzhou to Beijing to attend. The leaders of Huzhou City, Ma Xiaohui, Hu Jingjing, Yang Jianxin and Chen Hao, participated in the meeting.blob.png

     On the farewell party, Ma Xiaohui, the Secretary of the Huzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, congratulated the NPC deputies Qian Sanxiong, Zhang Tianren, Sun Guowen and Pan Mei on their way to Beijing to participate in the Thirteenth National People's Congress. Ma Xiaohui pointed out that the content of a meeting of the thirteen session of the National People's Congress is an important and far-reaching impact, I hope everyone in high spirits and good style, earnestly perform duties on behalf of the right to exercise their democratic rights, let the people hear the voice from Huzhou, let the Party Central Committee and the State Council to understand the expectations of the people of Huzhou.

Before attending the meeting in Beijing, Zhang Tianren went deep into the grass-roots research, visited and solicited opinions, collected social and public opinions, and prepared many widely representative proposals and motions.blob.png

    Zhang Tianren said that the re - election of the representative of the National People's Congress is both an honor, a responsibility and a mission. The participants went to Beijing, will keep a good will, with responsibilities to carry out a good job, positive suggestions for the industry voice, for the masses to appeal, to speak for Zhejiang, Huzhou, to live up to the people's trust and trust, to boost the Huzhou and even the national economy to achieve high quality development to play a greater role.


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