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What Is The Reason That Makes Electric Vehicle Batteries Not Far Away?
- Jul 07, 2018 -

With its advantages of light weight, convenience and easy stopping, electric vehicles have become one of the most important means of transportation for thousands of families in their work and life. But in the use of electric vehicles, many users will also encounter such a situation: "how can the battery ride less than a year can not run?" "Clearly, the electricity shows a full grid, and no electricity before riding." Such problems have been troubling you. What causes the electric vehicle battery to run far and run?

What is it that makes your battery run too far? The energy battery specialist unveiled the truth for you.

After 800 days of experimental investigation, the researchers found that most ordinary batteries have gradually decreased with the increase of the number of times (charging times), especially when the number of batteries is about 200 times, and the battery capacity is rapidly decreasing. That is, many people find their own batteries. In less than a year, electricity consumption is too fast, resulting in frequent battery failure and even scrapping.

In order to find the root cause, the researchers dissected the 100 thousand groups of batteries, and found that 82% of the batteries were not durable and the cause of failure occurred. The battery alone was lagging behind, usually due to the problems of the plate mud / vulcanization, the grid corrosion, the baffle inelasticity, the electrolyte layer and so on. Because of the unbalance of the battery and the problem in one aspect, the performance of the whole battery will decline, so the unbalance also causes one of the reasons for the battery's durability

In order to solve this problem, 32 scientific research experts, 816 research and development teams, the 5 research centers and the 2 CNAS Certification Laboratories, after 300 days' study, 800 days' experimental demonstration, and the advanced technology of China and foreign countries, finally find the latest technology to solve the imbalance of the battery - Heng technology.

Heng technology is based on the study of the physicochemical properties and reaction mechanism of batteries, so as to achieve the balance between the rate and efficiency of chemical reaction and realize the technology of battery equalization. It comes from the principle of horizontal battery in the world, and has been successfully developed with the help of Tian Tian's original and advanced technology. It is the real king of the battery that is not durable and far away.

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