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What Is The Cause Of An Electric Car Battery Pack? How To Effectively Avoid It!
- Jun 24, 2018 -

Batteries are the core components of electric vehicles. The word "battery drum" of electric vehicles is believed to be unfamiliar to all of them. In recent years, the phenomenon of battery pack is common. Many consumers are very upset. Because once a battery of batteries appears in a battery pack, it is necessary to replace the whole battery.

First, Xiaobian first explains the principles of battery pack for electric cars.

When the battery is charged, it produces more or less hydrogen, so even the full sealed battery will often have a gas gap in the manufacture of the battery, so that the hydrogen can be discharged in time. When the air gap is blocked, the hydrogen will accumulate and the battery shell will eventually be damaged. This is the battery drum that we often say. Batteries after bulging are dangerous and are generally not recommended to continue to use.

So what causes the battery pack of electric vehicles?

1. The quality of the battery does not pass through

The quality of the battery is often the first reason a lot of car friends think of. In mind, YY is sure that the battery is not good. Otherwise, it is so easy to be so bad. Indeed, the hybrid electric car battery market, many enterprises due to the limited production level of battery, uneven electrode coating, rough production process, and no gas gap to the battery, such a battery is very easy to drum. Two. The pressure of the safety valve is too high

People in the industry know that an electric car battery has a safety valve to ensure safety. When the pressure in the battery of an electric car rises, the safety valve will automatically open and release pressure to ensure the balance of air pressure inside and outside the battery. And if the pressure in the battery rises, the safety valve can not open normally, over time, because the pressure in the battery is too high, the internal and external pressure is unbalanced, the phenomenon of drum package will appear. Three. Overcharge and discharge

Many batteries are connected in series for the purpose of having more capacitors. It is important to note that the battery is often overcharged and overcharged in the process of battery use, which will lead to bad gas composition in the battery. The battery will have an approximate short circuit reaction, resulting in a large amount of heat, which will lead to the decomposition and gasification of the electrolyte, and the battery will drum up.

Four. The charging current is too large

Normally, the electric vehicle batteries produced by regular manufacturers have a certain charge current value, and the charging current is greater than the reasonable current value when charging, which will easily lead to the rapid precipitation on the electrode plate, which leads to the insufficient chemical reaction. At this time, the temperature inside the battery will rise rapidly, and if the exhaust is not in time, the battery will appear naturally.

So how do you effectively avoid battery pack?

1. Develop the habit of checking battery regularly

The battery of good quality can't afford to make a fiddle! Especially in the process of using electric vehicles, they do not pay attention to maintenance. Heavy load, rapid stop and bumpy road will damage batteries. What we need to do is to check the battery regularly and observe the normal operation of the battery so as to ensure personal safety.

Two, select the brand battery relative, the big brand of the battery in the manufacturing level, production technology and other aspects of the industry is the top industry, and its perfect after-sales service system can also let us in the battery problems after a timely and proper solution. For example, the new energy battery industry leading enterprise - Tian energy battery, the performance of the battery products under the company is generally higher than the average level of the industry, more than 600000 stores of super strong after service system at any time to escort you, you can be assured of use.

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