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What Brand Of Electric Car Battery Is Good? How Do Consumers Choose Brand?
- Jun 24, 2018 -

As one of the most important components of electric vehicles, batteries directly affect the use of electric vehicles. Such an important part of the body can not tolerate our negligence. We must be cautious when buying new cars or replacing electric vehicle batteries. How do consumers choose brands? What brands of electric vehicle batteries are better?

What kind of car battery will be recognized by consumers? According to the real survey data of a battery of users, life expectancy, price and mileage are the most important concerns of consumers. So when choosing brands, consumers will consider these aspects comprehensively. Some ordinary brand batteries tend to be very cheap, but they tend to be slightly worse in terms of battery performance and endurance. And some big brands because of the quality of the pursuit of more stringent, leading to higher costs, so the price will be higher, but the use of life, endurance capacity is much stronger than the ordinary brand. So when choosing, it depends on whether you value the price or the quality. As a leading enterprise in the electric vehicle battery industry, tin can focus on the research and production of new energy batteries.

Recommend a H6 product that can be launched recently. Balance brings stability and stability, it brings stability and durability. The balance efficiency is successfully applied to H6, and the high technology and technology of the industry is developed, and it is successfully applied to the production of power battery to increase the comprehensive performance of the battery by more than 70%. 300 days more than ordinary batteries! Save 200 yuan a year! So this battery can satisfy consumers' demand no matter from price or service life and endurance mileage.

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