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Tianneng Battery Solution Of Green Power Battery System
- Feb 19, 2018 -

Electric bicycle battery

1. products are used in electric power, electric motorcycle, electric scooter, electric wheelchair and other electric two wheels.

2. the use of green rare earth alloy, double double effect patent third electrode, vacuum and paste and other advanced technology to ensure the excellent performance of the battery;

3. product high-end, durable, safe, reliable, up to 600 full full discharge cycle, full life cycle capacity, good reputation of the product!

Electric tricycle battery electric tricycle battery

1. products are used in electric tricycle, and the market share is over 50%.

2. the grid structure and the curing process of the patent are higher than the energy, large capacity and strong power.

3. can climb slope, can load, super stable

Electric car battery

The 1. product is applied to pure green electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, electric sightseeing cars, electric sweeping cars, electric cleaning cars, electric patrol cars and other green new energy electric vehicles.

2. the battery has large capacity, high specific power, high current discharge performance and fast charging ability.

3. the use of rare earth alloy and special formula, the ability to withstand discharge is good.

4. nanoscale colloidal electrolytes have long cycle life and safe and reliable.

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