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This Patent Can Overcome The Key Common Technical Problems And Won The 19th China Patent Excellence Award!
- Feb 07, 2018 -

    Recently, the 19th China Patent Award Presentation Conference, co-sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and the World Intellectual Property Organization, was held in Beijing. Tianneng Group has won the 19th China Patent Excellence Award for its proprietary project of "a lead-tin-graphene composite material and its preparation method and application" independently developed by the research team!

   It is understood that the patent project to graphene as a breakthrough, combined with unique technology, materials, ratio, the use of composite plating technology to prepare a lead - graphene composite materials. The composite material has high bonding strength, ensures uniform mixing of graphene powder and lead powder or lead alloy in the preparation process of the later co-paste or lead alloy, thereby exerting the excellent performance of graphene and improving the utilization ratio of the active material,Improve battery cycle life,Solve the key common technical problems in the field. The patented technology is widely used in days to really black gold battery production, on the line to get users and distributors alike.

     The acquisition of China's Patent Excellence Award has fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of Tianneng Group in terms of continuous scientific and technological innovation, independent R & D capability and intellectual property strategic layout, etc., demonstrating the wisdom achievements of Tianneng R & D team and promoting Zhejiang Innovation and Innovation Provincial and intellectual property strong province to man.


Up to now, Tianneng Group has successively developed 13 national key new products, undertaken more than 60 provincial and ministerial science and technology projects, applied for more than 3,000 innovative patent applications and won a number of China Patent Outstanding Awards for its own invention patents.

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