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The Ministry Encourages Enterprises To Actively Participate In Formulation Of New Energy Vehicle Battery Recycling Guidelines
- Jan 08, 2016 -

Was informed on January 8, the Ministry recently condition of comprehensive utilization of the waste battery industry norms for new energy vehicles for public comments.

Opinions of waste batteries; corporate layout and construction conditions; size, equipment and technology resource comprehensive utilization and energy consumption; environmental protection; safety, product quality and professional education, and several other aspects of the regulations.

According to the draft, and comprehensive utilization of the waste battery enterprises should be strictly in accordance with the relevant national, industry standards for waste battery disassembly, storage, detection and dismantling, reuse, and is actively involved in the recycling of waste batteries using a standard system of formulation and implementation.

In addition, the draft proposed, new construction, extension of comprehensive utilization of the waste battery enterprises should actively carry out positive and negative materials, electrolyte in the separator, the use of renewable resources, such as technology, equipment, process development and application, and strive to improve the level of waste battery recycling related elements in.

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