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The 4 Important Matters Needing Attention In The Maintenance Of Electric Cars In Summer!
- Jun 24, 2018 -

The beginning of summer is the seventh solar terms in the solar terms of the twenty-four solar terms. Dou refers to the southeast, Wei is the beginning of summer, everything grows up at this point, hence the name of summer. During the summer solstice, the summer was officially started. Summer - the pronoun of high temperature. Hot summer and heavy rain, the weather in summer is mostly simple and crude.

After the beginning of summer, the drastic changes of climate are not just people, but even things without signs of life are irritable. If you don't pay attention to it, there is a possibility of "strike". Electric vehicle, as a small traffic tool with high popularity at present, is not only convenient, but also saves money, but many people reflect that after entering summer, the electric car should be "small mood" from time to time. How do you calm these "small emotions"?

High temperature test

One, high temperature insolation

During the hot summer season, you may go to the sun for a while. Although the electric car is a thing, but facing the sun, it is also a problem. For example, the probability of the battery scrap is very high, the situation of the electric car battery fire at high temperature is also common, so in summer, the parking of electric vehicles must pay attention to avoid high temperature insolation.

Two, high temperature charging must not

Electric car users in the countryside often put electric cars in their own yard to charge them. If they are separated, it will be possible, but in the summer of the hot dead, and the electric car will produce heat when it is charged. The two conditions lead to the high temperature of the battery and the charger. There may be a phenomenon of scalding the battery and even burning. So when charging, you must pay attention to charging in a cool and ventilated place.

Three. Avoid charging immediately after driving

Many electric vehicle users will choose to charge the battery immediately after driving. However, there is a problem: the battery is very high and the temperature is high in summer after the electric car is running. Burn.

Four. The charger is not used for chaos

Electric car users are more or less likely to have such an experience: the electric car is less than the electric power, and then the charger is not on the side, and then borrow others to charge. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is not scientific. Different batteries are matched by different charger, which can cause short circuit or insufficient charging, especially in hot summer, the use of charger is more harmful to the battery.

Torrential rain test

In addition to the high temperature, entering the summer, it is disturbing to say that the weather is changing and the rainstorm is the "essential commodity" in summer. In this case, the author still has to give the three motto: check before driving, slow down in the rain, and timely care after rain.

Summer is about to start. Don't forget to maintain your own electric car!

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