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Specification For Lead-acid Battery Recycling Industry Imperative
- Jul 08, 2016 -

The State environmental protection lead-acid battery production and recycling for pollution prevention technology centre was founded, the Engineering Centre will rely on sponsor in technology development, scientific research equipment, personnel, application, platform, service and other aspects of the comprehensive advantages, provide systematic support for lead-acid battery pollution.

Lead-acid batteries as an energy source a wide range of applications, and have repeatedly, and the advantages of lower cost, for a long time occupied a very important position in the battery industry, familiar with electric cars "battery". However, for the recycling of lead-acid batteries, lead as the main component part of the lead-acid battery electrode secondary recycling the value of this characteristic lead to some informal traders in the market is not standard recovery.

These vendors often recycle lead electrode and scalp, while the acidic electrolyte lead-acid batteries were indiscriminate discharge, resulting in water and soil acid-base balance, polluting water and soil. Medical reports show that living in an environment of high levels of lead, would pose a risk to human health.

Worth noting is that still there as "recycling" banner, but there is no professional treatment technology of waste battery collection point in illegal operations, led to specification for lead-acid battery recycling does not become a "disease". Although the authorities actively introduced policy management of used lead-acid batteries, has enacted relevant laws and regulations, but many vendors in the face of high interest are still willing to take the risk, leading to "disease" uncured.

At present, the number of lead-acid battery manufacturers, small scale, many backward production technology, limited follow-up capacity, hence the establishment of specialized engineering technology Center for lead-acid battery industry without delay. Only the battery production, recycling, reuse and other sectors in regulatory framework, in order to fundamentally curb illegal recycling of this process, needs battery manufacturers, consumers and the environment supervision departments are involved.

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