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Peak Out The Upcoming Technical Bottlenecks
- Jul 08, 2016 -

As the promotion of new energy vehicles in China power, used batteries disposal problems faced in the future will be more prominent. With out peak is around the corner, the solution of this problem with a certain urgency.

However, the manufacturers more focused on expanding production capacity, increasing sales, for battery recycling initiative is not high. Moreover, the industry still in its infancy, new energy automobile industry chain as a whole has not yet fully formed a closed-loop, recovery after treatment technologies are also not perfect. Especially when there is no domestic enterprises explore examples of remarkable after recycle business, to other enterprises is not yet formed a demonstration effect.

In addition, the environmental constraints on battery recycling is also getting stronger. If the technology is immature, passive recovery companies might pay higher follow-up costs, this also affects their participation in the initiative.

From these new energy vehicles for battery producers or distributors to recall, more reality to some extent. In order to encourage manufacturers to recover power battery, many local governments have begun exploring. For example, Shanghai has issued policy says Government will subsidize each car recycling power battery 1000; Shenzhen battery use and recycling system is established, each selling a car manufacturer pulled out 600 Yuan, the Government took out 300 yuan, for recycling batteries and established mechanism for battery recycling.

Experts said the current key is a breakthrough technology for disposal of waste batteries, finding a viable path for both environmental and economic. Through the development of a viable business model for future large-scale disposition solutions.

At present, to promote recycling of batteries, first exploring the harmonization of technical standards for battery, laying the Foundation for future weapons series. In this regard, the Department led the development of reference standards, guide enterprises to produce standardized battery. Encourage enterprises to take the initiative and at the same time, boot by supporting fiscal and tax policies to encourage enterprises to invest and try to.

Worth noting is that some foreign waste battery disposal technologies become more sophisticated, technical or design idea is worth learning from. Honda and Japan chemical industry Corporation jointly developed the Ni-MH battery-recycling production processes, extraction of mixed rare earth oxide from the failure, further fused salt electrolysis as can be used in the preparation of Ni-MH battery cathode materials of mixed rare earth metal. This way than from mining rare earths more cost advantages and components. In addition, through direct application won the mixed rare earth molten salt electrolysis, also avoids the complex of rare earth separation and purification, shortening the traditional recovery process. This recycling treatment model is likely to become the main collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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