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On The List Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Zhejiang Province, Tian Neng Group Is On The List.
- Apr 22, 2018 -

Tian Neng group always adheres to the green management. Through environmental protection, product safety, clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction four modules, actively fulfill economic responsibility and environmental responsibility. Efforts should be made to strengthen the construction of environmental protection facilities, and strive to build a model of environment-friendly enterprises. According to the development needs, Tian can adjust the industrial layout plan and speed up the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. Through technology, we can realize the full recycling of waste batteries and take the path of green and sustainable development.


Not only that, in the social public welfare responsibility and cultural responsibility, Tian Neng group through technical assistance, fund support, employment support and other ways to develop and expand the local village level economy. We have actively engaged in many social charitable and public welfare undertakings such as earthquake relief, spring buds children's study program, student poverty study aid, moral model fund and so on, and set up public welfare funds to help people to help them. Since 2014, tin Neng has voluntarily released the CSR report to the public every year.

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