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Ministry Of Environmental Protection Of The Ministry Of Industry And Information Bulletin Of The Access Conditions Of Lead-acid Battery Industry
- Jul 08, 2016 -

In order to promote lead-acid battery industry structure adjustment and industrial upgrade, standardize trade investment, guard against redundant low-level construction, protection of the ecological environment, and improve the efficiency of resources utilization, according to the relevant laws and regulations and industrial policies of the State, industry and information technology, developed jointly with the Ministry of environmental protection of the lead-acid battery industry access conditions, shall be published.

Relevant departments to invest in lead-acid battery production project management, land supply, environmental verification, credit finance, power supply, security clearances and other work should be based on the conditions of access as the basis.
Lead-acid battery industry access conditions
For promote China lead battery and containing lead parts production industry continued, and health, and coordination development, specification industry investment behavior, according to People's Republic of China environmental protection method, and heavy metal pollution integrated "Twelve-Five" planning and industry structure adjustment Guide Directory (2011 this), national about legal, and regulations and industry policy, according to reasonable layout, and control total, and optimization stock, and protection environment, and ordered development of principles, developed lead battery industry access conditions.

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