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Electric Car First Charging The Battery The Right Way
- Jul 08, 2016 -

Electric car first charging the battery the right way

First, the new electric car recharge battery charging is not necessary for the first time completely runs out, never drained battery, which will have great impact on battery life.

Second electric car battery when charging for the first time, the charger may heat quickly, heat is very high, therefore, especially in summer when charging, charger on the burning object not in the easy fever, better not put it on the battery carrier to prevent fire, because a lot of people charging battery ignition occurs, please be sure to pay attention to.

Then, after a new electric car battery first charge, preferably deep discharging the battery once a month, after a deep discharge charge the batteries again. Electric vehicle battery is restored will be of great benefit.

Above is the introduction of electric vehicle battery charging notes for the first time. Xu battery would also like to remind you: when charging, plug in power should be electric cars plug in, then switch on the power, this is a good way to protect the battery voltage stability.

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