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Daily Maintenance Of Battery
- Jun 17, 2018 -

The maintenance of the battery is very easy to be ignored. Some units never check the state of the battery, which is not an important position to remove the battery in the UPS. The following is a simple description of the maintenance of the battery:

1. battery in the important position of UPS, it is necessary to strengthen battery maintenance. Some people say that the battery is "the heart of UPS", we don't think it is too much, because no battery or battery maintenance time is very short, the uninterruptible power supply can not be called uninterruptible power supply, but can only be called voltage regulator, frequency voltage power supply.

2. the battery occupies a considerable proportion in the cost of the whole UPS, especially in the small power UPS, so once the battery is damaged due to improper maintenance, its economic burden is very heavy for the users.

3. because of the improper maintenance, the failure rate of the battery is quite high. The proportion of the UPS can not work normally due to the failure of the battery is quite large, which requires us to pay attention to it.

It is not trivial to use and maintain the battery properly. It is very important for maintaining the normal operation of UPS and prolonging the service life of battery.

The daily maintenance of the battery:

1. regularly check the state of the battery, keep the battery room and battery container, bracket and shell clean. Periodically check the series connection terminals of the battery to make them contact well and prevent the phenomenon of ignition and pressure drop when current discharge occurs.

2. if UPS has no blackout or no blackout during the period of 2~3 months, the nuclear discharge should be carried out to disconnect the city power, release the battery capacity of 30% to 40%, and then access the normal operation of the city.

3. timely handling of backward batteries, ready to be discontinued batteries, should be filled before discontinued. After placing it, charge it every 1~2 months.

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