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Battery Replacement
- Jul 08, 2016 -

In recent years, electric cars are a growing number of consumers of all ages, but the electric car battery became noticed problems that plague consumers. So, what are the specific steps to change battery electric vehicles? How to replace right? New batteries precautions for use, and so on, and small series to introduce.
An electric, confirm the need to replace the battery
Check batteries before replacing batteries. If you of electric battery determine has damaged, you on not need again hesitated electric for battery of problem has, should immediately replaced it; if not determine, so on in do decided Qian first check about electric battery of ends, see whether has sulfate formed of corrosion real, if has on with a hammer gently beat extreme, see whether can put corrosion off of things took off, you of electric battery may on can again using has.
Second, replacing old electric car batteries
If you decide to change battery in your electric car, ready to take away the old. First of all, we want to scrub the batteries with water and soda, and then use the wrench carefully unscrew the battery screw attached to the anode wire into the clip from extreme removed, then removed the cathode and finally seize electric-car batteries, electric cars take it from.
Select when selecting good battery, a good line of batteries can I wish you further facilitates daily, so come when you select reputable Asahi battery is a good choice, it'll make your electric car more safe and secure.
Third, the installation of a new electric car battery
Carefully you put new batteries in the battery tray. Confirm the polarity correct placement of batteries and swing the shelf to let on a fixed, connect the positive clip, negative, then covered with a hood, try out your electric car!

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