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Battery Generally Exist On The Following Five Errors
- Jul 08, 2016 -

There is no regular habit of deep discharge

Generally speaking, the correct battery deep discharge is used every two months, from battery to voltage indicates the Flash after charging to help restore battery capacity.

Second, battery long "not enough to eat" or "overcharge"

A lot of people like at night to recharge electric vehicles as well as a filling for an entire night, in fact, charge is one of the largest impact on battery life, while also reducing the battery's storage capacity. Conversely, frequent enough to fully power battery may also cause a lot of impact.

Third, the lack of electricity storage

Many people like to place the battery storage, actually doing so is wrong, is even longer without the right way should from time to time to fully charge the battery, so as to make sure that the battery itself is not damaged.

Four, long-term exposure

Many people are used to getting electric cars stored outdoors, but when attention is needed, be sure to select a well ventilated shaded department store, avoid a spontaneous combustion temperature is too high, especially when the battery is charging should pay special attention to, at the same time, high service life of the battery temperature will also cause certain effects.

V, high current discharge

Electric vehicles in use in the process, you should try to avoid carrying heavy objects, and Hill start using pedal power, avoid sudden increases in current and reduction should also reduce the frequency of transmission and brakes to avoid because the battery discharges too quickly and the voltage decreased rapidly cause damage to the battery.

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