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Accelerate The Lithium Battery Industry Layout
- Jul 08, 2016 -

In recent years, Government and policy support and traditional restrictions under the restriction of forced, rapid development of new energy vehicles, has been focused on the promotion of new energy vehicles in China market, is the world's largest market for electric vehicles. Batteries as core components of the new energy automobile industry chain, also ushered in a wave of development.

Lithium-ion batteries as the most widely used type of battery electric vehicles, in the first half of this year by the capital market's wildly popular. According to incomplete statistics, there are 54 batteries on the middle and lower reaches of listed companies publish investment expansion plan, a total investment of nearly 116 billion.

However, lithium-ion battery development is not so optimistic.

According to the Chinese Academy of engineering, former Deputy Director, National Center for manufacturing innovation expert team Gan, Yong said that the small and scattered is the main feature of China's battery industry. 1 million-kilowatt production capacity of lithium-ion battery factory in the 10 or so, businesses under the production capacity can reach at least 4, 500. This increases the difficulty of industry regulation. Meanwhile, mixed many of the small enterprises are also late on lithium battery recycling and reuse increases the difficulty and risks, different manufacturers and different production and recovery cannot be unified in the late models of lithium-ion batteries.

In this regard, the Ministry of publicity, the fourth instalment of battery enterprise directories to speed up the winning tide of competition in the market system, a number of small, inadequate safety and quality system, and the lack of independent research and development capacity of the enterprise will gradually be replaced. While some large, system more complete and standardized enterprises will accelerate industrial integration.

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